Ash Allen


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There has been some talk in the media recently about rise of “replica” furniture. The lack of protection offered to original designs, both here and overseas, is disconcerting. By changing the design a little or putting “replica” in front of the original name seems to suffice. How do we encourage originality in such an environment? Increase protection? Educate the public? Or maybe more interesting, dispose of the replicas? To this end, I decided to borrow a replica Tolix chair and flatten it. The original “Chaise A” Tolix Chair, designed by Xavier Pauchard in France, celebrated its 80th year of manufacture this year. I thought if I squashed the chair obliquely, it would remain recognisable, yet “value-added”.

Ash Allen, married with kids, manufacturer by day, emerging designer by night.

1m x 1m x 0.01m

Polished Aluminium


Melbourne, Australia

Thin Thin Thin

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