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Don the Butcher grew up in fleshy carnal knowledge of what went on behind the dangling strips of crimson PVC. He anointed the minds and hearts of his visiting patrons with back-to-back tales of debaucherous feasting on offal the common man would not even entertain. Each day he readied his place of business to Michael Nyman’s 1985 ‘Memorial.’ With each throbbing movement he paid sombre ode to every creature that crossed his threshold. A solemn promise to cherish and behold every cut, common or deviant, like the flesh of his own.
Practise Studio Practise is the creative partnership of Lauren Stephens and Laura Clauscen. Together they produce work in the fields of art direction, set design, product and experiential design and curatorial exercises. Their practice is a continued exploration of materials, rituals and common objects that are recontextualised to communicate new visual ideas.

37cm x 72cm x 220cm

Steel, PVC Plastic


Melbourne, Australia

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