Bull….! (v)

Porcelain Bear

BULL….! (V)

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Bull….! is a computer generated bull skull with vintage mannequin hands as horns/antlers. It is a visual pun which ostensibly pokes fun at the antler and trophy head trend, the skull and cute animal trend in design but is really a comment on blind trend following and look-alike design culture. It references the way a baby boomer might have taunted somebody in the school ground; hands placed above the head with fingers extended chanting “ner-ner-ner-ner-ner!”.

With backgrounds in ceramic design and industrial design, Gregory Bonasera and Anthony Raymond have worked together as Porcelain Bear since 2011. Specialising in functional porcelain objects, the pair have a strong reputation for pushing their medium into unexpected technical and aesthetic territories. Recent collections released under the Porcelain Bear label include pendant lighting and luminaires, side tables and tableware and a fully functioning dining table. Their work is regularly commissioned for domestic and commercial projects for both indoor and outdoor applications.

35cm x 27cm

Glazed Porcelain, 24kt gold lustre


Melbourne, Australia

Bull….! (v)

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